Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Disqualified as a Gaming Phone – Why?

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When I got my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, one of the things I was looking forward to was trying out mobile gaming. I dreamed of playing my favorite games with the 7.6-inch central display, the smooth 120Hz, and excellent Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset performance. But alas, what I encountered instead was a disappointment.

So if you’re attracted to the gaming performance of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and are considering buying it, I now issue a warning. Theoretically, the ingredients are there, but Samsung’s large foldable is not yet ready to be one of the best gaming consoles.

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The problem stems from the inner display’s aspect ratio of 21.6:18, which is nearly square. It tends to offer a widescreen-style 19:9 ratio, which is quite different from the average smartphone display for which games are primarily designed, Gucci Outlet.

You can see how this affects the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Genshin Impact screenshots taken on the internal display of the Honor 70. the Z Fold 4 has a zoomed-in, narrower field of view. This can be changed on the fly, but no matter how wide you set the camera, you are less likely to see hazards coming from the side of the screen than on a traditional smartphone display.

The unusual shape of the Z Fold 4 can also make animations look odd. An example is when activating Octane’s Stim ability in “Apex Legends”: due to the high aspect ratio of Z Fold 4, the Stim (power-up) appears to float in mid-air instead of being caught in Octane’s mask. This is not a big deal, but it does ruin an otherwise well-done battle royale.

On the other hand, the increased height could inadvertently give players an unfair advantage; the Z Fold 4 allows you to see up and down better than a regular display, and if you use that to your advantage against nearby players, you’re sure to get some lively discussions going.

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There is always the option of closing the phone and playing on the outside display of the Z Fold 4. However, this is not a reliable method either. You end up with a window display that doesn’t fill the entire screen and doesn’t offer the exact vertical resolution as a regular display. This makes games such as “The Grid” look even narrower than on a slim cover display. A little covered show is even more limited for a game like “Grid: Autosport,” making it look like you are playing through a rearview mirror.

None of the games I tried were unplayable on the Z Fold 4, and some titles I don’t play, such as League of Legends; “And Wild Rift,” seems to look okay, too. However, because of these inconsistencies, I will not be returning to Z Fold the next time I play a mobile game.

Unfortunately, there will be no immediate solution to this problem. It will take time for developers to come around to supporting foldable devices.

Until folding becomes a mainstream smartphone, mobile gamers should look to traditional smartphones like those on our list of best gaming phones: the Z Fold 4 is the best folding phone and an excellent device for more practical and productive work, but if you are a big gamer, it may not be worth the money.

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