River City Girls 2 Reveals Chaotic Massacre in Four-Player Co-Op

River City Girls 2 Reveals Chaotic Massacre in Four-Player Co-Op
Image Via: gonintendo

And the glamorous and vicious Subco returns

Developer WayForward has released a new trailer for its upcoming River City Girls 2. The trailer showcases the story’s wretched den of evil and unveils the chaotic, knuckle-dragging four-player co-op gameplay of this brawler sequel.

In “River City Girls 2,” school superheroes Kyoko and Misako once again wield dodgy, duplicitous justice on the streets of the most violent city in gaming. Standing in their way are many familiar and not-so-familiar characters, including gang boss Sabuko, her obnoxious brother-in-law Ken (avid fans will recall “River City Girls Zero”), and River City’s most hated foe, the brothers’ murderous father Sabu. The film is a great deal of fun and a great deal of fun.

Fortunately, our local heroes don’t go into battle alone. Kyoko and Misako are joined by not only Kunio and Riki, longtime “Kunio-Kun” heroes, but also Marian from “Double Dragon” and Provi from “River City Underground,” each with their own unique and hard-hitting fighting styles. The trailer showcases RCG 2’s four-player co-op experience, where the River City Girls help you win more battles against an army of bullies, street thugs, gangsters, and other dangerous runabouts who stand in the way of justice on the streets.

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