Razer’s Viper V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse is extremely lightweight

( Image Via: Razer )

Razer has delivered a successor to its original Viper gaming mouse, which what released in 2019. The new wireless Viper V2 Pro is all about shaving off some extra weight that came before. Like nearly every peripheral manufacturer, Razer has its sights set on the top spot with the lightest wireless mouse, and now it has taken that crown with its latest mouse. Weighing in at 58 grams, it is just a few grams below the runner-up, Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight. Likewise, the Viper V2 Pro accomplishes this feat without drilling down to reduce weight; the V2 Pro is available today for $149.99.

Even with the weight reduction, the Viper V2 Pro does not compromise on the most important aspects of a wireless gaming mouse: hand feels, performance, and battery life. However, this is the first mouse that I felt had the potential to blow off my desk when a strong wind blew. Razer’s lightweight design, comparable to the lightest wired gaming mice such as the 58-gram Glorious Model O-, with all the necessary hardware (wireless, battery, etc. ) all built-in is impressive; the Viper V2 Pro is even lighter than the 61-gram Viper Mini.

It does feel like Razer’s previous Viper mice. It does not have the bulbous ergonomic shape of, for example, the Basilisk or DeathAdder. However, its shape would be ideal for a variety of grip styles. As for whether an ultralight mouse like this one will work for you, we can see it fitting well if you are a competitive player. However, some casual players may want to add more weight for more customizable control, so it may or may not be a hit. The Corsair M65 Ultra Wireless or Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed would be good choices for the latter. (You can read my thoughts on both mice here.

The Viper V2 Pro is most similar to Razer’s Viper Ultimate, both being wireless options. The main differences between the generations are that the Viper V2 Pro has a thumb button just for right-handed gamers (the previous generation was a true ambidextrous option) and a jump from the dreaded Micro USB charging connector to USB-C.

The Focus Pro 30K optical sensor is claimed to offer higher sensitivity (up to 30,000 DPI) and speed, in addition to being lighter. Razer also claims that the Optical Gen-3 switches have click durability of up to 90 million clicks, 20 million more than previous components. The Viper V2 Pro can be used for up to 80 hours on a single charge, 10 hours longer than the Viper Ultimate.

It can be a little disconcerting that ultralight gaming mice tend to be expensive. We know that heavier mice are not worth paying more for just because of their weight. But the development work that went into the Viper V2 Pro and its rival lightweight mice to reduce the margin of error by a few grams without sacrificing functionality probably doesn’t come cheap. However, I shudder to imagine what the Viper V2 Ultimate would cost for a Razer mouse.

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