Railbound: TouchArcade Game of the Week

Railbound: TouchArcade Game of the Week
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I have been following Railbound since it was first announced this spring. After all, it is the work of Afterburn Games, the studio that brought us “Golf Peaks” and “inbento,” among others. With that kind of pedigree, you automatically become interested in whatever else the studio is doing.

On top of that, Railbound seemed to be a very clever take on the railroad track-pulling (and sometimes pipe-pulling) logic-puzzler genre. And this week, Railbound was finally released, and surprisingly, it was just as great as I had hoped.

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As mentioned, the game is a logic puzzle game in which players lay down pieces of railroad track and remove parts of the track to create a path that allows train cars to connect to a waiting engine safely. When securing multiple train cars, the cars are numbered and must be connected to the machine in the order of their numbers.

This means that you have to think a few steps ahead, and sometimes you have to make sure that one of the later vehicles wastes a little time so that it does not arrive before the first vehicle.

This game’s core is divided into eight different worlds, each with 16 to 25 levels, including alternate complex versions of the main level. Each planet also has a new mechanic that takes track building by storm, such as tunnels that act as portals, crossing guards, and track switches.

The early levels often start pretty simple to get used to the new mechanics, which leads to later levels, alternating with more challenging levels that will blow a hole in your head and hit you straight in the brain.

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The word “amazing” is thrown around too often these days, but there is no better way to describe the level design of Railbound. It is not a game that introduces paradigm-shifting new mechanisms that will forever change the way logic puzzle games are played; instead, it is a meticulously crafted, brilliantly designed, and visually gorgeous set of over 150 puzzles for the very reasonable advanced price of $5.00! The game is an excellent example of how a premium mobile game can be a complete game. It is rare to find an entirely premium mobile match anymore, but Railbound is just that, and I am savouring every last drop of it.

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