PlayStation Reveals First Look at PS VR2 UI


Sony has released the first images of the PS VR2 user interface, including what the see-through system and play area customization will look like.

Like the Oculus/Meta Quest series of VR headsets, the PlayStation VR2 features a “see-through” display that allows users to see their surroundings in black and white in the real world.

This uses the headset’s onboard camera, which is useful for locating controllers and moving around the play area while wearing the headset. Perspective can be activated from the physical “function buttons” on the hardware itself or from the Control Center in the user interface.

In the control center, as in Meta Quest, you can also use a handheld controller to draw and edit custom play areas on the floor. A grid wall will appear in the game if you get too close to the set area. Your settings are saved from session to session, but you must draw a new play area when you move to a new room.

A “cinema mode” has also been identified, allowing users to view non-VR content, such as b. existing games on a “virtual cinema screen.” (Being in VR makes things look bigger, so it is a cinematic experience). This content is displayed in HDR video format 1920 x 1080, 24/60 Hz, and also at a frame rate of 120 Hz, so it is not as high quality as, for example, your fine 4K TV. VR content, on the other hand, has an HDR resolution of 4000 x 2040 (2000 x 2040 per eye) and a frame rate of 90Hz/120Hz.

The PS VR2 also includes a broadcast mode, which, combined with the PS5’s HD camera, allows users to stream video of both what they see in the headset and what they do in reality.

Sony has stated that PS VR2 will feature more than 20 major launch games. Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and Ghostbusters VR will be available on the platform. The headset was released earlier this year, but you can see it compared to other VR headsets.

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