Pac-Man items will launched in Fortnite next week

Epic’s unending quest to include each complete into Fortnite continues as another 80s arcade icon joins the fray.

On Monday, the official Japanese Pac-Man website proclaimed that there’ll be a crossover with Fortnite shortly. currently I imagine you’re thinking that this implies the ghost-gobbling fiend himself are going to be within the battle royale development as a playable character. It doesn’t appear as if that’s the case, though, because the post specifically mentions things. perhaps Namco doesn’t wish everybody mowing down its beloved icon, who knows!

The Fortnite collaboration with Pac-Man begins Gregorian calendar month two, 2022. we’ve got no plan what things are going to be a part of the crossover, however those details are for certain coming back shortly.

It’s value mentioning that Epic hasn’t in public commented on this announcement as of the time of this post, that is reasonably strange. Typically, once corporations close for this type of factor, each organizations adjust up to urge the word out — all I’m very hinting at here is particular details may amendment once Epic weighs in.

If this promotion pushes you to undertake Fortnite by some slight likelihood, there’s ne’er been a much better time to leap in. It won’t be long till you’re finishing as several challenges as potential. Rest assured.

Written by Kyle mythologist on behalf of GLHF.

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