OpTic still manages third place at Valorant Masters, tired and out of form.

OpTic Gaming was expected to be the first team in Valorant Champions Tour history to win back-to-back Masters titles, but they ended up doing just that in Copenhagen, finishing in third place.

While the team and the North American public may have been disappointed with this result, OpTic managed a Top 3 finish despite some disadvantages.

Coming off a win at the VCT Stage 1 Masters, Green Wall continued to build on its momentum upon its return to North America.

They easily dispatched the regional competitors in the group stage and made it through the qualifying round of Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen without dropping a single map.

But behind the scenes, OpTic was beginning to feel tired of competing in tournaments in a row and coming out on top every time.

On the first map, Fracture, OpTic won the first two rounds with clean kills, but then XERXIA turned the tables, winning five of the six rounds. OpTic then made an impressive comeback with utility, winning three rounds in a row to take a one-point lead. In the final round of the first half, Sushiboys successfully clutched a 1v2 to even the score.

In the second half, Victor’s crazy flange buys OpTic time to set up and not only this but also multiple kills to regain the lead. The team then took the game completely away from Xerxia with five straight wins; Xerxia won the next two rounds and tried to turn the tables, but it wasn’t enough to put OpTic away, winning the first map by a score of 13-9.

OpTic’s IGL Pujan “FNS,” Mehta told a press conference at Masters Copenhagen, “Basically, you have to play every day, and when you’re not playing, you have to practice to stay ahead of the meta.

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