Note to “Valorant” Patch 5.05: Self-declaration is no longer possible

Note to "Valorant" Patch 5.05: Self-declaration is no longer possible
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Valorant Patch 5.05 is relatively slim in content due to the ongoing VCT Champions tournament. Still, it turns out a glitch prevented players from reporting themselves in Riot’s FPS games!

Valorant patch 5.05 is relatively slim in terms of content, but it turns out that a bug allowed players to report themselves in Riot’s flagship FPS game. This odd bug has been fixed, so anyone looking to punish themselves for playing poorly is out of luck.

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Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 begins with no new agents or maps, so Riot Games focuses on making this game the best it can be – especially with VCT Champions underway.

If you’ve stopped swooning over the new VCT Champions phantom skin or the Battle Pass rewards for Valorant Episode 5 Act 2, you’re probably looking forward to patching 5.05. While there are no significant updates, there are tons of bug fixes for both the core systems and the game’s social side.

One in particular that stood out (i.e., made us laugh the most) was the issue that allowed players to report themselves. Sure, everyone has a bad game, but this issue has been fixed, which implies that many self-defeating players were taking advantage of this feature. This feature is no longer my bottom flag friend, and I will have to “GET GUD” instead.

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