Next GTA Online DLC Releasing Soon? rumors

image via: Rockstar games

A new DLC for “GTA Online” could be coming soon, and if some of the rumors circulating are true, it could be the next substantial update to the game.If you haven’t been paying attention to the GTA rumors, most of them are about the next “Grand Theft Auto” game, “GTA 6, all you hear are rumors about “6”. Lately, these rumors have included information about two returning characters and a release window. But there have also been a few rumors about GTA Online, mainly that Rockstar Games is preparing to reveal and release a significant amount of new DLC starring Michael De Santa, one of the three main characters from “GTA 5”. If this concept sounds familiar, that’s because Rockstar Games recently did this with Franklin Crichton, the other protagonist of “GTA 5. This DLC was called “The Contract” and featured Dr. Dre.

As Tez2 pointed out on Twitter, the new GTA+ bonus only lasts until July 18, which may point to the release of the new DLC on July 19. This may be the case. If so, it will need to be revealed soon, as it will not be a stealth release. If it is a minor DLC, the timing of its release will not matter much.

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