New video about All of the information you get is relevant to this season’s Seventy Years

Yesterday, Rare set the mood for the seventh season of Sea of Thieves with a detailed trailer. Today we follow that up with an even more extensive deep dive video.

Our story is about the Sea of Thieves 7th season in 9 minutes. You’ll be ready to go tomorrow.

Sea of Thieves offers an amazing pirate experience. Sailing, fighting, exploring, raiding – everything you need to be a true pirate. You can engage with the world and other players regardless of where you play. So, sailing as a group or as a solo, you will meet other crew members on this extreme adventure, but are they friends or enemies? And what is your plan?

Sea of Thieves was released for Xbox One and PC on March 20, 2018; the Xbox Series X version follows the launch of Microsoft’s console on November 10, 2020.

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