Mango Beats Hungry Box, Onin Shows Top Level Steve Gameplay to Win “Super Smash Con 2022”

Β ( Image Credit: Nintendo )

Super Smash Con 2022, enlivened by salty food, weird door-opening antics, and undefeated Minecraft Steve players, provided an interesting story for fans of both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate Melee.

In Melee, Mango came to the venue with a mission, which might not be expected given that he had to get a controller at the venue. But he still played his best game in a long time, winning the winner’s bracket without dropping a single set, and winning the entire event.

Not only was Mango’s win a rarity, but he also won against Axe, lloD, and took two big sets against Hungrybox; both sets against Hbox went to Mango, 3-2, and Mango won the last two games to beat his rival, making it SSC 2016 all over again.

This is also a partial validation of his complaint about Mango’s 11th place ranking in the latest MPGR rankings. But as he said in his full explanation, it is more about the principle of polishing than being upset about the rankings themselves. Almost.

Hbox snapped a 0-6 losing streak against Zain to finish in the top three.

In Ultimate, a new storyline unfolded as MkLeo lost to Glutonny for 5th place and Maister advanced to the Grand Finals. However, Angel “Onin” Mireles, the top player from Michigan, was among the top Ultimate players.

In the last six months, Onin has won seven tournaments with Steve, including SSC, Get on My Level 2022, and Combo Breaker 2022. He is considered one of the best Steve players in the world and proved once again that he can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best, defeating Riddles and Glutonny and winning two matches against Maister. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment this SCC was his 3-0 win over MkLeo that put him in the losers bracket.

In the grand final, despite a heart-to-heart, Ornin pulled off the biggest win of his career by eliminating Meister’s Sola 3-1 to win the SCC 2022 title.

Will more players pick up Steve as this character continues to perform well online and offline? Even if not, the calls for banning this character may calm down since only two Steve players made it into the top 32.

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