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Real NameIbrahim is not real name of Levinho
Date of BirthNot Known
Place of BirthSweden
PUBG NameLevon
PUBG ID546590561
Clan NameM□Menace
Controls5 Fingers claw + Gyro Scope
DeviceiPhone Pro 13 Pro Max
Social Media  
Levinho Details


Who is Levinho

Levinho is a Swedish pubg mobile content creator, he have almost 11 million subscribers. He start his YouTube channel in when pubg mobile was launched. Sevou is the brother of livinho sevou is also a pubg mobile player.

Levinho Real name

Levinho talk about on youtube channel his real name is not Ibrahim, on many articles levinho real mentioned Ibrahim but his real name is not revealed yet.

Levinho face reveal

Levinho asked many times about his face reveal on YouTube channel. Should i reveal my face but he is still uploading his videos without face cam and without voice, some time he is streaming on his YouTube channel with voice over. I hope he will reveal his face soon.

Levinho Net Worth

How much earning of levinho

As per social blade levinho monthly earning is 2.8k $- 45k $. Earning information is taken from social blade we are not sure about levinho net worth how his earning, the given earning of levinho is estimated.

Most Searched Questions On Levinho

Who is Levinho?

Ans: Levinho is a famous pubg mobile player and

Real Name?

Ans: We Will Update It Soon.  

Where Levinho Living?

Ans: He is living in Sweden.

Which mobile phone Levinho using?

Ans: iPhone 13 Pro Max.

How much earning of Levinho?

Ans: Not Known.

How many subscribers he have on YouTube?

Ans: 10.09 Million.

Pubg mobile id?

Ans: 546590561

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