Leak Reveals Return of Fall Guys x Doom Crossover Collaboration

Fall Guys

The Fall Guys x Doom crossover, which will bring back skins from Bethesda’s games on short notice for those who missed them when they were added, has a confirmed date.

The Doom skins are from Doom Eternal, the latest in id Software’s core Doom series. It is Doomslayer himself, a cyberdemon and cacodemon.

When the Doom Eternal skin was introduced on Fall Guys, players could purchase it using Crowns, the premium currency earned from successful Fall Guys battles. Currently, Show-Bucks cannot be used to purchase these skins, so they must be purchased using Show-Bucks.

Return of Fall Guys x Doom crossover collab

Fall Guys

A Fall Guys and Doom crossover was announced in early 2021 that will include skins based on the game’s many characters. Doom Slayer, the battle royale party game that tore up the battle royale party game, is finally making a comeback.

The reboot of “Doom” by Bethesda and iD Software was released in 2016. The episode followed the initially anticipated fourth game, “Doom 4,” which was shelved after years of problems. The game quickly won over players and revived the entire brand; a sequel, “Doom Eternal,” was also released in 2020 to positive reviews and fanfare, with both games doing well for the developer.

According to a recent tweet from Fall Guys Leaks’ Twitter account, Pancake, Doom Slayer will be back in the game on Thursday, August 18. The account is well-known for publishing Fall Guys news and leaks and frequently provides highly accurate information.

The leaker claims that these skins will cost 1,200 Show-Bucks if purchased individually, but if you want to get them all at once, it is possible for only 1,800 Show-Bucks.

Please note that the currency may disappear due to the “Sonic the Hedgehog” event, so please prepare in advance if you wish to purchase. In addition to Sonic, the event began yesterday (August 11) and added skins for various characters from the Blue Blur Universe.

The fact that party games have crossed over to numerous other franchises shows that Mediatonic and Epic Games have long-term strategies.

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