Kiwi Farm closes due to complaints from Trans Keffals

Kiwi Farm closes due to complaints from Trans Keffals
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Streamers complained at Keffals, plagued for months by the owner and by the fact that Kiwi Farms was born to the greatest risk as a result of the exploitation of 4Chan and the persecution of the woman who owed its original name, CWCki, Christine Weston Chandler.

Still, the provider, Vanwatech, seems to have managed to survive, having been known in the past for hosting conspiracy theorist dens like 8kun and neo-Nazi sites like The Daily Stormer.

Keffals has succeeded in making good on its past by closing Kiwi Farms house.

Kiwi Farms has a very poor reputation, as its pages have seen a variety of activities in the past, including stalking, doxing, and suicide incitement (sometimes over the limit).

Streamer Clara Keffals Sorrenti became a buck for the Kiwi plantation users – as already mentioned – forcing her to move home several times, keeping her relentlessly suffering, imagining his new refuge, sending SWAT forces with her pizza, and even putting her life in danger. enable her to do so.

Finally, Keffals had to leave for Belfast, Ireland, where a spontaneous campaign finally became the first to intervene in a deeply sensational way, blocking forums and posting on homepages messages indicating life-threatening locations to a summit at Cloudflare. It led to.

The social campaign that led to this long-awaited gesture quickly became extremely obvious, revolving around the hashtag. #DropKiwifarms and #CloudflareProtectsTerrorists. The company’s CEO, Matthew Prince, initially tried to ignore them with one bizarre message posted on the company’s blog on August 31, 2022, and threw out the July 31, 2022 announcement on the company’s website on September 3, 2022. He declared that he had changed his mind on September 3, 2022, saying that he should have denied it due to social pressure.

To encourage such users, Joshua Moon (nicknamed Null), founder of Kiwi Farms, who is said to be hiding somewhere in the Philippines and whose resume says he was a moderator on 8chan, posted a delusional message inciting conspiracy. He apparently tried to move the forum to a Russian server, but luckily the operators denied his request.

As already noted, Kiwi Farms appears to have survived thanks to Vancouver native Vanwatech, who provided shelter to the most radical sites on the network. After their exile, 8chan was found in the bank of 4chan.

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