King Slime in the Sandbox Game in “Core Keeper Terraria” Crossover

King Slime in the Sandbox Game in "Core Keeper Terraria" Crossover
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Core Keeper Terraria Crossover Brings King Slime to Sandbox Farming Game as Boss and Cabela’s as Pet to Indie Crafty Game

In the “Core Keeper Terraria” crossover, two indie games trade iconic beasts for a permanent deal Core Keeper has been extremely popular since its early access release, and its blend of action and mining has made it the best farming game on PC. It has proven to be a standout among the Meanwhile, Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love will be released on September 28, bringing a major quality-of-life upgrade to fans of one of the best craft games around.

This crossover event will be available to core keepers on September 26 and will pit them against the iconic boss of the early stages of “Terraria,” the King Slime. To face off against this giant royal mass, you must first summon him. Developer Pugstorm has not revealed the secret of how to do so but promises that defeating this giant hunk will “earn you some pretty interesting loot that will make your fellow explorers envious.”

Meanwhile, Terraria fans can look forward to friendly Caveling Farmer pets from Core Keeper. This is one of Terraria’s cosmetic accessories, and Caveling will follow you and provide emotional support as you venture forth. As with the King Slime update, you’ll have to figure out how to make the Caveling appear on your own, but the update post teases that you’ll need a special item that Core Keeper fans will know about.

But with Terraria 1.4.4 coming soon and Pugstorm “hard at work on the next big content update, The Desert Biome,” there are plenty of reasons to get back into both games.

If you’re playing Core Keeper, check out our many useful guides on how to get Core Keeper drills, Core Keeper scarlet ore locations, Core Keeper tin ore locations, and more. In related news, Terraria lead developer Redigit recently released concept art for Terraria 2, but it may not be exactly what you expect.

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