How to things drop off sea of thieves

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Sea of Thieves is the ultimate pirate simulator, allowing you to sail the seas freely and do all the things pirates do. Find buried treasure, fight skeletal pirates, eat bananas, and more, all in a way that only a pirate can. In this game, you need to bring back many things to your ship, but how do you drop the items?

How to deep items in Sea of Thieves for Xbox

To drop things with the Sea of Thieves controller, you need to hold something and press the interact button. On the controller, this is the X button n. Find the place you want to place the item, such as a treasure chest or a skull, and press the X button. The pirate will drop the item at that location and it will stay there until you or someone else picks it up.

How to drop items in Sea of ​​Thieves on PC

For PC gamers, of course, it is the same, just a different input method. Find the drop location and press the interact button. This is the default F button on the PC. Controllers, mice, and keyboards can all remap this input as needed.

You will want it Be careful where you put things, especially all the treasures you find during your voyage. Placing it in a safe place will allow you to leave your loot on the ship and hide it on an island in case another crew member tries to steal your treasure. You can also hide it on the island when other crew members try to steal your treasure.

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