How to make Minecraft look like an official trailer

(Image via Minecraft)

There are some very iconic art designs in “Minecraft.” The combination of pixelated textures and blocky worlds had a tremendous impact on spin-offs and pacifiers and helped revitalize the retro design themes that indie games are known for.

However, the trailer for “Minecraft” is iconic in its own right, and many players prefer the trailer’s look to the actual game. So is it possible to recreate the trailer’s look in the game?

How to get the iconic trailer look in Minecraft

Resource Pack

(Image via Minecraft)

The first of the three main components used to change the look and feel of Minecraft is the resource pack applied to the game. This completely overhauls and changes the textures and sounds of the game.

The resource pack that best emulates the trailer is the Barebones resource back. Currently available in the game, this resource pack makes everything look simpler than the base game. The tree leaves are now complete blocks, much of the detail has been removed from the textures, and the colors are flatter.

The Mods

(Image via Minecraft)

Players must install several mods to make the game look close to the trailer.

Most of these mods are framework mods that allow other features such as shaders to function properly.

The only true mod that players need to improve their gameplay is a simple mod called Effective. This mod was developed natively for Fabric and has only been ported to Forge. It adds the splashing effect you can see in some trailers when the mob jumps into the water and also adds a beautiful waterfall effect to the water flowing into the water pool.

When all of these disparate elements are combined, players should be able to experience gameplay that is nearly identical to what is seen in the game trailer.

The Shader

(Image via Minecraft)

Players can choose from several shades to enhance the functionality of their resource packs. The resource pack featured in this article is Sildur’s Enhanced Default Fancy.

This shader adds shadow and depth to all objects in the world, mimicking the more cinematic look of the trailer. The water in this shader looks much better than the vanilla water and again helps elevate the game to a more cinematic nature, as seen in the game trailer.

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