How to find the villains hiding in the Genshin Impact village of Vimala

How to find the villains hiding in the Genshin Impact village of Vimala
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After completing all the quests in the Aranyaka world, you and Paimon Rana promise to exterminate the villains in the village of Vimala. They were involved in luring the children into the dangerous forest. This hidden quest objective does not appear in the quest menu but is required to complete the “Forest Encounter” section of the Aranyaka Pictorial Book in the quest item inventory.

To begin this hidden exploration, you must first complete all of Aranyaka’s quests and say “hello,” “thank you,” and finally “good-bye.” Then, follow the guide below to begin chasing the bad guys.

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Where to find the villains lurking in the village of Vimala in Phantom Impact

After fulfilling the above requirements, head to Vimala Village and speak with Alfonso (the exact location is circled in the image above). Choose “Expose the “bad guys” in Vimala Village”, and while interrogating them, answer the order in which the children disappeared. If you make a mistake, it’s okay because Paimon will help you, but this is the correct answer in the exact order.

  • Sudabeh
  • cave

After the dialogue, Paimon explores another location, and Alfonso talks to him in a secluded area. Alfonso will take you to a secret place, and we will talk there. It is strongly recommended to join the battle, as it is faster to join the fight.

Joining the battle

How to find the villains hiding in the Genshin Impact village of Vimala
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The easiest way to do this is to select “(Combat) Promise to Alana”. After defeating him, he will drop a quest item named “Shredded Paper”. This concludes the hidden quest objective and completes the “Forest Encounter” section of the Book of Alayaka.

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Letting the Villain Go

If you choose the other option, “stay away from the village of Vimala” or “never see him again,” Alfonso will leave, but the hidden quest objective will not be completed. Teleport to the “Statue of the Seven” in Old Vana Lana and follow the path to a shiny investigation point next to several riffraff. Touch this investigation point to obtain the quest item “Shredded Paper” and complete the hidden quest objective.

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