How to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19

Diamonds are laid with the help of an invisible item frame (Image via Minecraft 1.19)

Diamonds are one of the most popular items in Minecraft 1.19. Veterans and new players alike are always delighted to find these precious minerals. These resources are used to craft the game’s best weapons, tools, and armor. In fact, for new Minecraft players, finding their first diamond is one of the most significant milestones.

These items are rare and can be mined underground or found as loot on busts of various structures. When mining for diamonds in the latest game version, players can find diamonds in the new biome, Deep Dark Cave, and in the terrifying.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19

Mining at Y level -58

(Image via Minecraft 1.19)

From the beginning, mining has been the best way to find diamonds. This is true for the latest version, as many game newbies jump into this world and start mining. However, players should be aware of recent game changes that affect the generation of ore blocks.

As part of the “Caves and Cliffs Part 2” update, Mojang significantly changed the game’s ore and world-generation mechanics. The bedrock layer, which was previously Y-level 0, has been shifted down to Y-level -64, creating significant space for more blocks and caves to be generated. This change now generates diamonds between Y levels 12 and -64. This change has allowed diamonds to be generated between Y levels 12 and -64, with more diamonds being found the further you go.

For this reason, mining at Y level -58 is the best way to go in this game. This is because only bedrock blocks will begin to spawn below that level. You can start strip mining or branch mining to mine a larger area. Additionally, it is recommended to use Fortune Enchantment on the pickaxe to get more diamonds from each ore block.

It should be noted that Deep Dark Biome can appear anywhere below Y level 0 where Wardens appear. Extreme care must be taken to avoid the occurrence of skirkshriekers during mining.

Looting chests

(Image via Minecraft 1.19)

Explore naturally generated structures in three dimensions. These structures generate chests, sometimes containing the most valuable items in the game, including diamonds; in Minecraft 1.19, the new Ancient City structure has the highest number of chests that may contain diamonds.

The best chests for looting are buried chests, which have a 59.9% or 46.9% chance of producing diamonds. In addition, diamonds may be generated from other unusual structures, such as the End City, the Bastion wreckage, and the weaponsmith’s villager’s hut.

Trading with villagers

(Image via Minecraft 1.19)

Villager trading is another convenient way for players to obtain valuable items in the game. Players generally need diamonds to craft superior weapons, tools, and armor. Fortunately, diamond equipment can be easily obtained by trading with villagers who are weapon makers, tool makers, and armor makers. As the name implies, all of these villagers will trade you diamond equipment once you reach a certain level.

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