How to Backup Your Outlook Emails

How to Backup Your Outlook Emails
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So you want to backup all your email Outlook emails? We understand. In an era of heightened security threats and accidental data loss, it never hurts anyone to take precautions in advance.

In fact, according to a 2020 Verizon study, 17% of all data breaches and losses are caused by human error. Therefore, keeping regular backups of all your files makes perfect sense.

How to Back Up All Your Emails in Outlook

How to Back Up All Your Emails in Outlook
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Backing up your data protects it from all forms of loss, including accidental data loss, corruption, and random deletion. You can do the same for Outlook email by regularly backing up your Outlook email.

  • Start the Outlook application and select “File,” “Open and Export,” and “Import/Export.”
  • Click “Export to File” and select “Next.”
  • Next, select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and click “Next.”
  • Select the folder where you want to save the backup and select “Next.”
  • Select the file or folder location and click “Finish.”

A new backup of all Outlook emails will be created in a few seconds. After the backup is complete, a password can be set on the .pst email file. This will protect your data from unauthorized access.

Backing Up Email in Outlook Web

Backing Up E-Mail in Outlook Web
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The above method is one of many ways to backup files on Outlook, and it only backs up email on the Outlook desktop. However, to back up email in Outlook Web, you must rely on your email client.

There are numerous email clients available online. Here we will use Thunderbird, an open source, cross-platform email client, free of charge.

Download and launch the email client Thunderbird and log in with your Outlook account. Enter your email address and password, select IMAP settings, and click Finish; Thunderbird will verify your login information and configure your settings. Finally, click Finish.

This will successfully map your Outlook account to the Thunderbird app. You can then download all your emails from here. If you want to save all the emails in your Inbox, go to the “Inbox” tab.

Then use Ctrl + A to select all emails and click “Save As…”.

Next, select where you want to save the emails and click “Select Folder.” All emails in your Inbox will be held in EML format in your selected location.

Backing Up Your Email in Outlook

As our lives and work become increasingly intertwined with technology, it is undeniable that users must deal with various privacy and troubleshooting issues. Regularly backing up data on a hard drive, in the cloud, or by email is a healthy habit.

In Outlook, creating backups of your emails doesn’t have to be a headache. You may have experienced this when you saved your emails using the methods described above.

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