Genshin Impact Yoimiya Banner Rerun Fails to Impress Players

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact‘s Yojimbo banner is now available for resale! Ahead of version 3.0, a sales chart showing players’ purchasing intentions is also available!

The banners for Klee, Kazuha, and Heizou are gone, the Genshin Impact version 3.0 update is just around the corner, and many new characters are on the way. But what will happen to Yoigu? Many players believe that Yoigu’s character banners will not boost sales, as they are sandwiched between almost must-have characters like Ichiyo and the addition of new smelts. Now, with the help of GenshinLab, we can look at the first-day sales of Yoimiya and see how things are going so far.

GenshinLab is a website that presents revenue data for the Chinese market in an easy-to-understand graph. However, this data is only from the iOS App Store in China, so some platforms are excluded. However, it is an interesting glimpse into the consumption habits of many players from the launch date to the present.

According to GenshinLab’s charts, the Yoigu rerun banner earned approximately US$1,183,651 on its first day in the Chinese market, slightly less than what other characters have generated. For reference, Venti’s lone rerun banner earned US$5,116,956 on its first day, putting it at the top of the chart. You can check out the Reddit thread about this chart.

Genshin Impact

Yoimiya’s standing was better than expected, and this is not the first time that “HoYoverse” has put players in a tough spot in promoting her. Her banner was displayed between Kazuha, Ayaka, and General Raiden when she first appeared. These three are the best characters in the game and consistently rank high on the “Genshin Impact ” list.

Yoimiya is a pyrobow user with excellent Crit Rate numbers in general and serves as a strong single target main DPS. However, that doesn’t matter, and the players pushing her now are likely to be players like me who missed her the first time around.

If you are interested in characters beyond the 2.8 reincarnations of Yoigu, please see the “Phantom Impact” version 3.0 banner and other information.

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