Genshin Impact leaker reveals sketches of “Layla,” a possible future Smell character

Genshin Impact leaker reveals sketches of "Layla," a possible future Smell character
Image Via: Mobile Legends

Genshin Impact has teased several playable characters, from Cyno to Nilou, Candace, and Alhaitham, but Sumeru’s character is not yet complete. The most anticipated of these is Layla, which the leaker claims are an upcoming playable character that may be released later in Sumeru’s timeline.

Twitter leaker @merlin_impact claimed that Layla is a Cryo Sword user and that the teenage female model resembles Ayaka Kamisato. A subsequent leak by @Ubatcha1 claimed that she is an academia student majoring in “Lutawahist Darshan,” which specializes in astronomy, astrology, and other studies related to the stars. She is said to suffer from insomnia because she has to work hard to get good grades and is always thinking about her studies.

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In addition to Layla’s personality, leaked information shared on the Chinese forum NGA and posted on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks reveals a splash art sketch of her. In this rough sketch, Layla is described as a figure with low spiraling twin tails and a sleepy gaze, wearing pants resembling jeans with an overall blue and white color scheme and gold accessories.

The source of the leak is known to have released a sketch of Candace’s splash art almost 1:1 months before its official release, and the community seems to have little doubt about this new sketch.

Layla’s depiction bears many similarities to Bronya’s appearance in “Honkai: Star Rail,” with the latter having a low spiraling tail, a sleepy gaze, and struggling with the icy elements. This may suggest that Leila is a spy for Bronya. However, this theory would contradict the very early information that the name of the criollo Alcon, Tsarina, is Bronya.

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