Genshin Impact “Dori Special Cuisine” recipe and how to make it

Genshin Impact "Dori Special Cuisine" recipe and how to make it
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Dori Sangema Bey is a super-duper merchant who can get the rarest and most elusive of goods to anyone – as long as they can pay his ridiculously high price. This merchant, who loves Mora with all his heart, is petite but enormously wealthy and shines in the Alcazarsaray Palace, a mansion as opulent as its master. Doli’s special dish, “Show Me the Mora,” a twist on traditional butter chicken, fits the bill perfectly.

How to get the recipe for Dori’s special dish in “The Phantom of the Phantom.

Show Me the Mora can be made using the Butter Chicken recipe. It can be obtained by reaching reputation level 1 on the Suma Ward Reputation Board. After getting it, you should memorize the recipe in your inventory’s “Valuables” section.

Show Me the Mora Cooking Method with Genshin Impact

Show Me the Mora can be cooked on a stove with a dri. However, you cannot cook it if you are not selected in the lottery. When you interact with the campfire or stove, Butter Chicken’s cooking menu will open, and you can choose it.

x3 poultry
x3 tomato
x1 butter
x1 Spice

Some of these ingredients are a little harder to find than others. Tomatoes can be purchased at grocery stores and general stores in major cities. In the meantime, you can process butter with milk and spices with Hala fruit.

When Dori makes butter chicken, she may be doing show-me-the-mola instead. The exact cooking speed of the speciality is unknown, but it works in both manual and automatic cooking modes.

The difference between Genshin Impact’s Butter Chicken and Show Me the Mora.
Both recipes provide the team with increased attack power but Show Me Mora’s effect is far more substantial.

  • Butter Chicken – Increases all party members’ attack power by 194 for 300 seconds. Cannot target other players in cooperative play.
  • Show me the Mora- Increases the attack power of all party members by 274 for 300 seconds. Cannot target other players in cooperative play.

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