Genshin Impact: All reactions and combos of dendro-elemental

Genshin Impact: All reactions and combos of dendro-elemental
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Dendro is one of the seven elements of “Genshin Impact” and has special status effects and types of damage that can cause elemental reactions. It can also be combined with other elements for better effects and to advance the “Suma” lands. Being a relatively new element, many players do not seem to understand how to use it. Therefore, we have prepared this guide on dendro-elemental reactions and combos.

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  • Quicken (Dendro + Electro). When the Dendro + Electro combo is applied one or more times, a reaction called Aggravate and Spread is generated. Aggravate inflicts greater damage on the enemy, while spread extends the range of damage. However, this combo is more of a state reaction, so do not expect it to work automatically.
  • Burning (Dendro + Pyro). In phantom impact, the pyro character is explosive. In this case, it will burn the enemy over time.
  • Bloom (Dendro + Hydro). This deadly combo leaves a bloom core that explodes after 6 seconds. The Bloom Core can damage the player and the enemy if both are within AoE range. To prevent a character from being unintentionally damaged by the explosion of the Bloom Core, use Hyper Bloom, a combo of Bloom Core and Electro.

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Resonance of Dendro

If you have a character on your team that uses Dendro, you gain “Sprawling Greenery.” It also adds a bonus to Elemental Mastery, even if only for a short time. There are only three characters in Dendro: Tignali, Koray, and Traveler. More will be added in the future.

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