Gaming Industry Could Generate $400 Million in Annual Revenue if Ease of Doing Business Is Ensured: Experts

Credit By Forbes

At a conference on the economic potential of Pakistan’s gaming industry, experts said Tuesday that the industry could generate up to $400 million in annual revenue if ease of doing business is ensured.

The Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) and Tencent Games organised the conference in Islamabad. Attendees included government officials, game studios, game developers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and telecommunications providers.

According to a press release issued afterwards, panellists discussed the current state of Pakistan’s gaming industry and the challenges that must be overcome to ensure sustainable growth in the future.

Lih Shiun, Senior Director of Public Relations at Tencent, noted that the IT sector is actively involved in the gaming industry and is “well positioned to capture the immense opportunities presented by the global video game industry.”

Shaun further noted that the gaming industry directly impacts job creation and economic output and provides secondary value through eSports and other digital competitions.

He said, “Video game-related technologies are increasingly being used in other sectors and areas, such as industrial design and cultural heritage preservation, which shows how much potential there is in the video game sector in Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, PASHA President Badar Khushnood said that if the gaming industry is supported with the right policies, it could spur economic growth in Pakistan, adding that “potentially $90 billion could be tapped from the mobile gaming industry alone.”

He said that according to unofficial estimates, Pakistanis had spent $260 million on video games.

He said, “Pakistani game makers typically produce mobile games for a global audience. If supported by the right policies, the gaming industry can spur economic growth in Pakistan.”

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