Fortnite – Guide – Right Side Shooting Tips

This guide will teach you how to use camera angles and tactics such as glancing at the enemy from the right side and shooting to hit them.

Peek and shoot from the right side

Shooting while peeking out from the right side is an essential technique to distinguish yourself from your competitors. You can observe an area without exposing yourself by peeking out from the right side while shooting.

Why peek and shoot from the right

The right side has a wider field of view.

Shooting from the right side provides a wider field of view.

Watch your enemies undetected

You can scout for enemy players while you remain hidden, giving you the option to prepare for battle or retreat.

Limited left side view

In Fortnite, the in-game camera is slightly hinged on the right side, making it challenging to shoot from the left.

Easier to expose your body to the enemy

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If you look in from the right, you can see where your opponent is, so you can jump out and shoot first to take down the enemy more quickly.

Crouch to reduce exposure

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As a technique for peeking from the right, you can crouch down to make your target smaller and protect yourself from enemy attacks.

Crouching makes you a smaller target.

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Crouching makes the target smaller. It is harder for the enemy to find and target you.

Enemies expect to aim for the head when they jump.

Enemies shoot at eye level, so do not get shot while crouching. This can be handled quickly before the enemy takes aim and shoots at you from a low angle.

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