Five Football Manager midfielders who will top the FM23 transfer list in 2023

Five Football Manager midfielders who will top FM23's transfer list in 2023
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The midfield is the foundation of any good team, and given all the tasks that midfielders play in Football Manager 2023, it is hard to underestimate the importance of a good midfield.

Which players to target on the FM23 transfer list is often a matter of experience and versatility. Players who may not necessarily be on your radar as the best talents in the world can often make the difference between a good season and getting fired, but that rarely happens.

Thanks to our friends over at Scouted Football, we’ve identified some of the best FM23 talent you’ll want to look out for using a real scout. If you wish to go ahead of the curve, you can start looking at some real Worrell-worlds of players that will eventually come into the game.

When FM23 is released, here are some of the mers to look out for. They will range from midfield destroyers to elegant creators.

Football Manager 2023 allows you to buy the best young midfielders

Juventus is a Cub

Age: 19

Fabio Miletti, the most talented player out of Juventus’ academy, is a fearsome talent. He would be an excellent development asset for any top team as a great dribbler, passer, defender, and engine.

Miletti is in the process of building a partnership with Juve’s top team in the real world, but the Max Allegri version may not offer the same opportunities. Please take take take of the club’s midfield congestion and acquire him promptly.

Club: BSC Young Boys

Age: 20

Fabian ReReederould becomes a household name as BSC Young Boys prepare to leave their Europa League group this season. A versatile player with a solid game, he has already scored two goals and assisted on three this season.

Rieder is relatively inexpensive and adaptable, making him a great option, especially for those managing in the Bundesliga, where his skill set fits perfectly.

Sporting CP is a club
Age: 17

Dario Esgo is a proper ball-getting midfielder who can work as a lynchpin and keep the ball moving at the right pace.

Sporting values him highly, so he is hard to acquire but worth every penny. Be quick before the rest of the field catches up.

Club: Bristol City
Age: 19

No, not that former Arsenal defender. She may still be able to bounce back from retirement if she can be persuaded to do so. Bristol City’s Alex Scott is making waves in the Championship. In our opinion, he has played primarily as an attacking midfielder, but his profile lends itself to the double pivot.

Able to break down lines with the ball at his feet and beat opposing attacks without being on his feet, Scott would make anyone who has coached outside the top six in the Premier League fall in love with him.

Club: FK Molde
Age: 20

A famous FM player from past seasons, Sibert Manswerk, will again be a popular buyer. He is a well-rounded, experienced midfielder who can excel at any level and develop into an excellent No. 6 or 8, depending on how he is deployed.

Mansbæk’s move from second division Sogndal IL to Norway’s title contenders FK Molde last summer means that hell will be somewhat costly. But he still represents a proven method of entertainment and can still reap the rewards, as Norway’s highest level of players rarely pay much.

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