Enemy Visibility in “Modern Warfare 2” Beta Hit a Head in Patch Notes

Enemy Visibility in "Modern Warfare 2" Beta Hit a Head in Patch Notes
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Beta for PC Version of Multiplayer FPS “Call of Duty” Begins; “Modern Warfare 2” Beta Update Features Various Changes, Including Improved Enemy Visibility

Numerous changes have been made to the new “Modern Warfare 2” beta for the PC version of Call of Duty, with improved enemy visibility at the top of the patch notes. Some users on Battlenet and Steam experienced problems preloading the “Modern Warfare 2” beta. But players are already spending a lot of time trying out Infinity Ward’s latest title to ensure that it lives up to its legacy as the pinnacle of PC multiplayer gaming.

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The developer has outlined the various updates included in the first beta weekend, which took place exclusively on Sony PlayStation platforms. One of them, likely to be welcomed by fans, is that “we have adjusted the player’s vision to make it easier to spot enemy targets. I got my first taste of the game during this second beta weekend, and it certainly seemed easier than I had heard from initial reports. I had a particularly hard time finding enemies at a distance, but that may be the burden of playing against players younger than you as the years go by.

In other news, a new equalizer that “softens the sound of friendly and enemy footsteps and makes enemy sounds more distinct” is a welcome change for players who want to pay attention to flanking enemies. However, the ambient sound mix adjustment is intended to “slightly dampen footsteps,” which, combined with the reduced travel distance of footsteps, should slightly weaken the overall power to discern the pitter-patter of roaming participants.

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