Bulletstorm FPS “Luna Abyss” Announced for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Credit By Wallpaper Cave

Developer Bonsai Collective has announced “Luna Abyss,” a story-driven first-person action-adventure game featuring fast-paced bullet-hell combat, in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC (Steam). Specific PlayStation and Xbox models and release dates have not been announced.

Luna Abyss is a story-driven first-person action-adventure game. Discover a sprawling, abandoned colony deep within an eerie mimic moon. Confront the horrors of a twisted universe in intense, bullet-riddled combat.

You are a prisoner sentenced to explore the abandoned megastructures that stretch deep beneath the surface of the mimetic moon Luna. Your mission is to recover forgotten technology from the Abyss and rebuild the lost colony. The artificial prison, Ailin, monitors everything you do.

This centuries-old ruin breathes an annoying echo that hints at the secrets of the once thriving city of Graymont and its terrible fate. Scourge, the doctrine of the “Allfathers.” A collective choir. Voices from the Abyss call to you and whisper strange messages….

Key Features

  • Welcome to the Abyss. Please go into the depths so that we may see. The silent ones, slumbering, are waiting, breathing deeply. All we need is the key. All we need is you.”
  • Buried Mystery – Uncover the mystery of the mimic moon and the Abyss within its depths. Face the colony’s collapse wreckage and discover your role in this fateful world. Learn all the secrets the Abyss has to offer.
  • Navigate the Forsaken Chasms – Sprint, jump, and dash through this brutal alien giant structure. Experience a fluid first-person platformer as you journey through the Abyss with Luna.
  • Bullet Hell Combat – Survive deadly encounters with corrupt souls and twisted cosmic horrors. Master your weapons and make split-second decisions in fast-paced, explosive, bullet-hell combat.

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