Building an Agricultural Empire with the “Stardew Valley” Mod

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Stardew Valley mod Stardew Realty allows you to purchase additional plots to expand your farmland and grow your business into an entire farming empire with the Game of Life!

A new addition to the ever-growing list of Stardew Valley mods, Stardew Realty allows you to expand your farming game into an industrial-scale farming empire sim… You can farm like a dream in Stardew Valley, but if you’ve ever wanted to make your farm just a little (or a lot) bigger If you’ve ever wanted to make your farm just little (or a lot) bigger, you’re in luck thanks to this user-created update for the game of life.

The Stardew Realty mod by mod maker Prism 99 (which goes by the name klatuprism on Nexus Mods) follows the basics of the previous Farm Expansion mod, which allows you to slightly expand the size of your land. The mod adds 10 parcels of land to the backwoods on the left side of the map.

In the initial version of the mod, the land is available for free from the start so that players can test the expansion and see its effects; according to Prism, the long-term plan is to eventually release four content packs, with the Pelican Town for sale on the board. They plan to add an expansion that will display a sign. Once the plots are displayed, players can invest in expanding their farming acreage.

The mod also includes a convenient “farm expansion warp network” to easily move newly purchased blocks of land around, with the option to quickly warp between various expansions and home bases – which makes managing with limited time a bit more feasible.

Two buildings have also been added to the mod to support larger farms. The Fromagerie is a cheese factory, pre-installed with three large vats that can accept up to 50 dairy products simultaneously, allowing for large-scale cheese production. On the other hand, the winery is the ideal place to store barrels and casks.

Prism also recommends Stardew Web, another of the company’s mods, which allows you to customize further the items and artifacts you can gather in your plot and stock your expansion plot with your favorite fish species. If realism is not a concern, plots can be fixed by season, allowing you to grow your favorite crops all year round.

This mod can also be used when playing with friends; check out our Stardew Valley Multiplayer Guide for more information on how to launch a co-op game. We also delved deeper into how natural Stardew Valley’s farming is: we recently looked at Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe’s new game “Haunted Chocolatier,” which looks delicious! It seems to be a delicious game.

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