Blizzard Responds to Problems Stopping Purchases of “Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Responds to Problems Stopping Purchases of "Diablo Immortal
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Blizzard Addresses Bug in Fantasy RPG Diablo Immortal That Caused Purchases to Be Processed Incorrectly, Meaning Players’ Microtransactions Were Not Delivered

Blizzard has confirmed that a bug in Diablo Immortal affecting the fantasy game’s in-game store meant that some purchases were not processed correctly, and players did not receive their items after purchasing a Diablo Immortal microtransaction. The team has confirmed that there were a small number of cases. According to the team, a hotfix has been implemented to prevent this issue from occurring in the future, and affected players can now receive their items in the ARPG game.

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Several players recently reported an issue with purchased Diablo Immortal Eternal Orbs not being delivered correctly in-game; one player on the Diablo Immortal subreddit addressed this issue, writing, “7,200 Eternal Orbs many times and all transactions were successful,” referring to the most expensive bundle on sale (priced at US$99.99/£89.99). The player also notes, “I purchased the legitimate product for $99.99 a piece,” seemingly aware of the recent crackdown on Diablo Immortal whales who were punished for purchasing cheap orbs through third-party sellers.

He explained that the purchase from the Google Play store “went through successfully for $99.99 but was not delivered in-game. If you try to repurchase the orb, you will be told that the item is already owned, and an error message will appear.” Several other players echoed this issue and stated that they encountered similar problems.

According to the author of the thread, after initially being told by the Diablo Immortal support team that this issue was Google’s responsibility, the Google support team responded that the Diablo Immortal team’s response was not acceptable. The error message “You already own this item” remained in the store when this response was presented to Blizzard support. Still, the user said 7,200 new packs of Eternal Orbs were sent to his account. The user said 7,200 new bags of Eternal Orbs had been sent to his account.

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Diablo community manager Adam’ PezRadar’ Fletcher has now followed up with the official and is “investigating reports from a small number of players over the past week that they have not received items from Diablo Immortal that they purchased in-game.” He confirmed this. He explained that the issue stems from “a bug affecting a narrow window in the checkout process.” He added that a hotfix has been introduced “to prevent this issue from occurring with new purchases” and that the support team is “focused on identifying the affected accounts so we can proceed with the delivery of the missing items.”

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