A virtual reality spinoff of the sci-fi 4x game Stellaris is in the works

A virtual reality spinoff of the sci-fi 4x game Stellaris is in the works
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Ghost Signal is a spin-off of Paradox’s sci-fi 4X “Stellaris,” a roguelike game where you explore the galaxy as a captain in VR!

It’s a different direction than we expected from the sci-fi 4X game Stellaris, but it’s one that piqued our interest. Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is a spin-off of Paradox’s grand strategy game but a roguelike action game made for VR. It will be available on the Meta Quest 2 headset in early 2023.

According to developer Fast Travel Games, “Ghost Signal” is a “virtual reality action roguelike set in Paradox Interactive’s hit intergalactic universe,” where you will dive into “an ocean of stars” and pilot a ship to encounter aliens of all sizes They will be able to investigate the new species they encounter. You will research the new species you encounter, read their logs, and conduct your research in several technology trees.

Like Stellaris, Ghost Signal is ambient and serene, but in this game, set in the world of Stellaris, you will be involved in more direct combat. Planet-sized alien monsters appear; luckily, you can research and use heavy weapons (as long as you research and unlock them).

The game is also rogue-lite, meaning randomized maps, daily challenges, and progression unlocked each time you run it.

You can find more information on the official site, and if you want a new flat screen experience under the stars, check out our Stellaris DLC guide. The latest is a new race pack, Toxoids, which adds a group of poison-worshipping knights seeking to resurrect an ancient and unhealthy god.

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