A fan of the game Minecraft created some creeper-themed snacks

A fan of the game Minecraft created some creeper-themed snacks
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A talented gamer decided to create a treat based on monsters and items from “Minecraft.” The result is a plate full of creeper-themed Rice Krispies, a great way to add a little extra zing to your life.

Minecraft was first released to the public in 2009, introducing players to a vast procedurally generated world. Players are challenged to survive and thrive in this world while performing various tasks, such as fending off attacks from hostile mobs. One of the most commonly encountered monsters is the creeper.

Creepers are one of the oldest mobs in Minecraft and are well known among gamers for their explosive nature. This green monster will sneak up on players and get as close as possible before exploding, causing many buildings and players to die untimely.

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Although a dangerous creature, it can also drop gunpowder and music disks, making it a valuable target during exploration. One gamer recently recreated this mob in a unique eating style.

In a post on Reddit, a user called The May of Right Here published photos of a collection of unusual treats he had prepared for a 9-year-old child. These snacks were noteworthy because they were made to resemble those that appear in Minecraft. Of particular note is that the plates are filled with sweets resembling famous creepers from the game.

TheMayorOfRightHere used Rice Krispy Treats and added approximately 10 drops of green food coloring to recreate the look of the hostile mob. In addition, black icing was used to create a face that resembled a creeper’s eyebrows.

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But the monsters in the game aren’t the only ones that TheMayorOfRightHere decided to make into delicious snacks. They made “gusto” out of marshmallows and pretzel sticks.

We also made “golden apples,” “blocks of grass,” “torches,” and other items that appear in the game. In addition, we also made slime blocks out of green jelly.

These special treats created by The Mayor of Right Here caught the attention of many members of Reddit’s Minecraft community; in less than a day, they received over 35,900 upvotes, and gamers were impressed with their designs. In addition, many liked that parents were willing to make candy for their children.

One commented, “Whoever you are, you are a great parent for making that effort. Furthermore, some wanted to make one for their children.

Making treats based on popular video game software is a lot of fun. Besides the Minecraft treats created by TheMayorOfRightHere, a Pokémon fan recently made Dalmaca hot chocolate bombs to celebrate the New Year. With so many interesting characters in the game, we can’t wait to see what edible creations they create next!

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