2D Fighting Game One Piece Mockup Revealed, Fans’ Expectations Met

2D Fighting Game One Piece Mockup Revealed, Fans' Expectations Met
Image Via: Bandai Namco

While it has long been a common practice to create a wish list of characters and features that one would like to see in a fighting game, some fans ignore it and jump to ideas centered around an entirely new game. Sometimes this leads to creating mockups of titles that don’t exist, as when 50shadesofHelio designed a classic 2D fighting game for “One Piece,” for example.

The art is inspired by existing fighting games, such as the character select screen in “Marvel vs. Capcom 2,” and the style mimics the art style of the original IP, as in “Dragon Ball FighterZ.” Visually, the influence of “DBFZ” is evident, but there are also elements that evoke something close to the cartoonish style of “Skullgirls,” which fits perfectly with the world and kind of “One Piece.”

This art by Helio only begs the question of what a DBFZ-style One Piece fighting game would look like, but it’s a far cry from what we’ve seen over the past few years.

One Piece Burning Blood is the most recent example of a game from the series to be released on consoles, and in 2016, Bandai Namco worked with Spike Chunsoft to create another blurry 3D arena fighter that mainly flashes and has little substance. The game is available now.

There is also a 2D “fighter” for mobile developed by More Fun Studios Group and Tencent Games, aptly named “Project. Fighter,” for which Namco Bandai Shanghai has released a video and plans to release it in China to the excited fans. However, no videos or updates on the game have been widely shared since around May 2021.

One Piece: The Great Pirate Colosseum is the closest thing to an actual fighting game, a 2D fighting game on the Nintendo 3DS that, despite its incredible depth, was never released outside of Japan. It would eventually be patched to allow local and online cross-play with “Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Martial Arts,” another 2D fighting game. And the kicker? Arc System Works developed both.

All the One Piece and Shonen Jump-themed fighting games and platform fighters released before were not considered.

And now, many One Piece fans and fighting game fans are hoping that ArcSys will again work with Bandai to create a new fighting game, similarly using the One Piece license to DBFZ.

While DBFZ will receive a rollback netcode update, Bandai’s confirmation that the game itself will not offer any new content has sparked a lot of talk about this particular idea over the past few weeks. Furthermore, CEO Minoru Kidooka has stated that the company wants to be more active in collaborating with IPs, and fans are excited to see what the future holds.

While ArcSys is working on something other than “DNF Duel” and “Guilty Gear Strive,” we can expect to see some great mock-ups like Helio’s. Or until Bandai makes its announcement about a new “One Piece” fighting game.

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