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In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the gameplay and launch trailer features the hulk

Marvel's Midnight Suns, a tactical action role-playing game developed by 2K Games and Firaxis Games, has just received a new trailer...
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Releases Launch Trailer and Gameplay Featuring Hulk and Other Action

Today, 2K Games and Firaxis Games released a new trailer. A lot of gameplay for the tactical RPG “Marvel’s Midnight Suns.”

This is the first video of a launch trailer nature, as the game is only a few days away from release. In fact, it is a cinematic trailer showing the destruction of Sanctum Sanctorum just before the game’s storyline.

Even more interesting is the gameplay shown in the live streaming, which includes plenty of comments from the developers.

Marvel's Midnight Suns | Official Launch Trailer

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

First, we get to see the Hulk in action, which is great because we haven’t seen much of it yet. In addition, another segment of the gameplay features a very high-quality, very difficult mission that players can enjoy when they reach the end of the game.

This mission, according to the developer, is so hard that there is really no room for error.


We also know that all of the DLC characters will be present and have their own stories. Spend time together in the monastery, and they are unlocked fairly early in the game. So that they can be played with almost instantly once you play.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Developer Livestream | Rise Up With The Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC on December 2. Meanwhile, the release dates for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One versions have been further delayed and will be announced at a later date.

Perhaps most interesting is the ability to customize the main character, Hunter, to your liking. He is the first Marvel superhero to be customizable, allowing you to choose almost any cosmetic parameter as you wish. You can also influence the growth of their powers through three different paths.



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